Stile and Rail Profiles

We offer these profiles in any wood species. Many profiles are also available in HDF (High Density Fiberboard) for doors that will be painted. The profiles that are not currently available in HDF are noted.

See our measurement conversion page for imperial vs metric conversions.

Also see our Mitered Door Profiles

51 Series - Classic Ogee

Profile 51DX (64mm)
Profile 51LX (70mm)

52 Series - Straight Shaker

Profile 52DX (64mm)
Profile 52LX (70mm)
Profile 52LG (76mm)

52c Series - Straight Shaker with Panel Centered in the Rail

Profile 52cSE (57mm)
Profile 52cDX (64mm)
Profile 52cLX (70mm)

53 Series - Shaker with Groove

Profile 53SE (57mm)

see Adam, Mission, Summerset
not available in HDF

Profile 53DX (64mm)

Not available in HDF

Profile 53LX (70mm)

Not available in HDF

Profile 53LG (76mm)

Not available in HDF

66 Series - Minor Angle Shaker

Profile 66DX
Profile 66LX

53s Series - Shaker with Micro Groove

Profile 53s

not available in HDF

Profile 53s 89mm

see Sarmento - not available in HDF

54n Series - Bullnose

55 Series - Bead

Profile 55

see Leeside

56n Series - Slope with Step

Profile 56n
Profile 56n 70mm

see Hensley

59n Series - Step Shaker

See our 59n profile info page for a video and further details.

Profile 59n (57mm)

See Cordoba

Profile 59n (64mm)
Profile 59n (70mm)
Profile 59n (76mm)

see Colton

Profile 59n (83mm)
Profile 59n (89mm)

60 Series - Micro Step

Single Step Micro

Profile 60xs

Double Step Micro

Profile 60s

see Riverdale

Triple Step Micro

Profile 60

61 Series - Ornate Ogee

Profile 61

see Evan

Profile 61

see Gaven

62 Series - Flowing Ogee

Profile 62

see Powell, Tait

64 Series - Wide Bead

Profile 64 at 86mm, 3 3/8"

see Hickling

65 Series - Stepped Ogee

Profile 65

see Carson

68 Series - Shallow Swoop

Profile 68

69 Series - Chamfor with Step

Profile 69

see Tasker

70 Series - Step Swoop

Profile 70

71 Series - Chamfor, 45 degree

73 Series - Stretched Ogee

Profile 73

see Duquette

75 Series - Wide Swoop

Profile 75 - 57mm
Profile 75 - 70mm
Profile 75 - 76mm

see Tuscany

52sb Series - Exact Setback for Applied Mouldings

Profile 52sb25
Profile 52sb375
Profile 52sb11
Profile 52sb50

56o Series - Wide Slope with Step

Profile 56o

Allow extra lead time. Not available in HDF

Profile 56o (70mm)

see LaFleur - Allow extra lead time. Not available in HDF

58 Series - Soft Triple Step

Profile 58

see Segovia - Allow extra lead time. Not available in HDF

63 Series - Angled for Inlay

Profile 63

Allow extra lead time. Not available in HDF

67 Series - Double Ledge

Profile 67

Allow extra lead time. Not available in HDF

Also see our Profiles for Mitered Doors

Many of our inside profiles are available in a variety of rail widths.

SE = Standard Edition - 2 1/4" (57mm)
DX = Deluxe - 2 1/2" (64mm)
LX = Luxury - 2 3/4" (70mm)
LG = Large - 3" (76mm)
SS = Super Sized - 3 1/4" (83mm)