Profile 59n - Step Shaker

This profile is sometimes described as a double shaker. It it most commonly used in stile and rail door design. It is available for mitered door construction. We offer the 59n profile in any wood species. The rail widths listed below are our standard recommended widths but this profile can be specified at any width between 25mm (2") and 102mm (4")

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Width Options

57mm (2-1/4")
Profile 59n (57mm)

See Cordoba

64mm (2-1/2")
Profile 59n (64mm)
70mm (2-3/4")
Profile 59n (70mm)
76mm (3")
Profile 59n (76mm)

see Colton

83mm (3-1/4")
Profile 59n (83mm)
89mm (3-1/2")
Profile 59n (89mm)

White Pine Shaker Doors with Profile 59n at 89mm Wide

A custom spec door order moving through our assembly operation. The wood is clear white pine with center panel code F2 - a solid wood glue up with reverse raise. The stiles and rails are our step shaker profile 59n at 89mm wide (3-1/2”).