Cabinet Door Measurement

We prefer to work in millimeters because that is the system that we use in our factory for manufacture. Imperial fractional inches is very common and nearly half of our orders are placed that way. If you prefer measuring using fractional inches we suggest measuring to the nearest 1/16".

Example Measurement Tolerance
378mm Millimeters (mm) +/- 1mm
37.8cm Centimeters (cm) +/- 0.1cm
14 7/8" Inches (") 1/16"

Whichever measurement that you use to request your quote is the same measurement convention that we will use to confirm your quote or order. Our factory work orders are processed in metric. Imperial measurements are converted with an accuracy of one tenth of a millimeter for manufacture.

Inches to Millimeters Conversion Table for Stile and Rails

Imperial Metric
1-1/2" 38mm
1-5/8" 41mm
1-3/4" 44mm
1-7/8" 48mm
2" 51mm
2-1/8" 54mm
2-1/4" 57mm
2-3/8" 60mm
2-1/2" 64mm
2-5/8" 67mm
2-3/4" 70mm
2-7/8" 73mm
3" 76mm
3-1/8" 79mm
3-1/4" 83mm
3-3/8" 86mm
3-1/2" 89mm
3-5/8" 92mm
3-3/4" 95mm
3-7/8" 98mm
4" 102mm
4-1/8" 105mm
4-1/4" 108mm
4-3/8" 111mm
4-1/2" 114mm
4-1/2" 114mm
4-5/8" 117mm
4-3/4" 121mm
4-7/8" 124mm
5" 127mm