MDF One Piece Routed Doors

Our MDF door designs match our wood door designs. Our MDF routed doors are designed for paint. They are THE solution when your project design requires both stained wood and painted doors - and you need it all to match. Matched designs can save you considerable time (money) and headaches.

Like our wood doors, our MDF doors are top quality. We tested many brands of MDF and have chosen to use the Plum Creek brand MDF. Our tests revealed that the Plum Creek MDF machined and painted better than other brands.

We use diamond tooling which ensures clean edges with no chipping, pitting or tear out. There are no tool path lines on the flat areas. People ask how we do that. Sorry, that is a trade secret. Additionally we machine sand and HAND SAND these doors. You won't find burrs on the melamine backs either. In summary, we expect that you will be very satisfied with our MDF door quality.

The backs of the doors come standard with white melamine to save you painting time. They are also available with raw back.

Flat Panel Designs

Raised Panel Designs

MDF Slab

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