Wood Grades for Cabinet Doors

When choosing a wood for your cabinet doors there are several options. First you must decide on a species of wood and then you should understand that there are different grades available within each species. Selecting the proper grade will ensure you get the look that you are after at the most affordable cost.

Choosing the right wood grade can save you money because different grades of wood come at different price points. There is no need to "over purchase" and we can help you decide which wood grade is best for your project.

Select Grade:

This is the highest grade and the most expensive. It is recommended for all light color finishes. Select grade provides the most even colour and grain match resulting in the most uniform look. Mineral streaks, burls, and pin knots are restricted and are minimal. All natural characteristics are controlled in terms of size and frequency. Burls and mineral may be no more than 1/8" wide by 3" long per occurrence. Pin knots must be smooth and no greater than 1/8" in average diameter. Smooth knots are acceptable. Unnatural stains, streaks and spots are not acceptable.

Regular Grade:

Regular grade wood saves money when chosen for medium to darker finishes. Regular grade allows a broader range in colour and grain patterns. It reveals more of the natural variations and characteristics found in woods. All natural characteristics of the wood species are acceptable as long as the overall appearance blends together.

Paint Grade:

Paint grade describes hardwood that is sound but unattractive in appearance. That is okay because painting covers it up. Any undesirable colour, grain pattern, staining or streaking in the wood is hidden. You still get the durabality, feel and performance of real wood. We strongly recommend MDF for the center panel as it is uniform, paints well and is more dimensionally stable than wood. A wood frame around an MDF panel is the ultimate blend of performance and cost savings for a painted door.

Customer's Own Lumber

We are able to produce any style door using customer’s own lumber. Submit a door list and we will quote the prices for labor and the amount of lumber required.