Painted Cabinet Doors

spraying white paint onto a shaker cabinet door

Allstyle offers standard or custom colour painted finishes of our doors.

We use the best equipment and chemistry available and our finish is "professional quality".

The colors represented on this web page are for guidance only. Please visit our showroom for samples or request using our online request form.

People tell us that our painted doors feel "really nice" and touching our painted door conveys a sense of high quality. That is because we use a six step painting process without shortcuts.

Our Paint Process

After the door is made it is first prepared by hand sanding the edges and surfaces on the front and back.
Next we apply a first coat of primer followed by a second hand sanding.
That is followed by a second coat of primer and a third hand sanding.
Finally the door is ready for the final colour which is called the top coat.
We use a post-catalyzed industrial lacquer that cures to a durable and long lasting finish that looks great and is easy to clean. The result is a final product that has a very pleasant silky smooth feel.

Paint - Whites and Off-Whites

Sorted by Light Reflectance Value (LRV) with the brightest first

Benjamin Moore OC-65 Chantilly Lace paint swatch

Chantilly Lace
Benjamin Moore OC-65
20 sheen, LRV:92

Benjamin Moore OC-117 Simply White paint swatch

Simply White
Benjamin Moore OC-117
20 sheen, LRV:91

Benjamin Moore PM-1 Super White paint swatch

Super White
Benjamin Moore OC-152 (formerly PM-1)
20 sheen, LRV:89

Benjamin Moore CC-30 Oxford White paint swatch

Oxford White
Benjamin Moore CC-30
20 sheen, LRV:88

Benjamin Moore OC-57 White Heron paint swatch

White Heron
Benjamin Moore OC-57
20 sheen, LRV:88

Benjamin Moore PM-13 Atrium White paint swatch

Atrium White
Benjamin Moore PM-13
20 sheen, LRV:87

Benjamin Moore CC-40 Cloud White paint swatch

Cloud White
Benjamin Moore CC-40
20 sheen, LRV:87

Benjamin Moore AF-25 Paper Mache paint swatch

Paper Mache
Benjamin Moore AF-25
20 sheen, LRV:86

Benjamin Moore AF-5 Frostline paint swatch

Frost Line
Benjamin Moore AF-5
20 sheen, LRV:86

Benjamin Moore OC-125 Moonlight White paint swatch

Moonlight White
Benjamin Moore OC-125
20 sheen, LRV:84

Benjamin Moore OC-23 Classic Gray paint swatch

Classic Gray
Benjamin Moore OC-23
20 sheen, LRV:74

Paint Colours

Benjamin Moore 939 Royal Silk paint swatch

Royal Silk
Benjamin Moore 939
20 sheen, LRV:79

Benjamin Moore 2112-50 Stormy Monday paint swatch

Stormy Monday
Benjamin Moore 2112-50
20 sheen, LRV:40

Benjamin Moore 1664 Sea Reflections paint swatch

Sea Reflections
Benjamin Moore 1664
20 sheen, LRV:26

Benjamin Moore AF-705 Cinder paint swatch

Benjamin Moore AF-705
20 sheen, LRV:22

Benjamin Moore HC-139 Salisbury Green paint swatch

Salisbury Green
Benjamin Moore HC-139
20 sheen, LRV:45

Benjamin Moore HC-154 Hale Navy paint swatch

Hale Navy
Benjamin Moore HC-154
20 sheen, LRV:6

Benjamin Moore HC-166 Kendal Charcoal paint swatch

Kendall Charcoal
Benjamin Moore HC-166
20 sheen, LRV:12

Benjamin Moore CSP-305 Crisp Linen paint swatch

Crisp Linen
Benjamin Moore CSP-305
20 sheen, LRV:91

Benjamin Moore HC-172 Revere Pewter paint swatch

Revere Pewter
Benjamin Moore HC-172
20 sheen, LRV:55

Recommended Colour Combinations for Kitchens

Salisbury Green with White Dove

Benjamin Moore HC-139 Salisbury Green paint swatch

HC-139 Salisbury Green

Benjamin Moore OC-17 White Dove paint swatch

OC-17 White Dove

Hale Navy with White Dove

Benjamin Moore HC-154 Hale Navy paint swatch

HC-154 Hale Navy

Benjamin Moore OC-17 White Dove paint swatch

OC-17 White Dove

Clear Coat Lacquer

We offer a beautiful and durable Lacquer clear coat finish in 25 sheen for natural wood doors.

Custom Colours

We can custom finish our doors to match Benjamin Moore colour codes. Benjamin Moore colours which are not included in our standard offering have an upcharge, a minimum order charge of $250, and adds one to two weeks to our standard lead time.

Painting Solid Wood Doors

We are sometimes asked if we can paint a solid wood raised panel door. We do not recommend painting solid wood panels. The reason is that wood shrinks and swells slightly with changes in heat and humidity. This happens even under a coat of paint. The door frame is narrow, usually between two and three inches, and the dimensional change is minimal. However a center panel is four to five times wider. Small paint cracks can form over time at the joint where the panel fits into the rails. This is because the panel expands and contracts within the wood frame. Our solution is to use a dimensionally stable MDF center panel surrounded by wood rails. Experience has taught us that this is the best way to construct a five piece door for painting.


island panel in Benjamin Moore HC-139 Salisbury Green

An island panel in the Tilford design finished in Benjamin Moore Salisbury Green HC-139. This green goes well with OC-17 White Dove.