Dovetail Drawer Boxes

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Allstyle Cabinet Doors: Maple Dovetail Drawer
Allstyle Cabinet Doors : Dovetail side view

Allstyle makes premium quality hardwood dovetail drawers with 5/8" thick sides and a 1/2" bottom.

Available in Hard Maple, Cherry, Walnut or Mahogany.

Our drawers can be pre-notched and drilled ready for BLUM or HETTICH undermount slide systems.

Can be ordered finished or unfinished.

Drawer Side Heights

If an non-standard height is needed our drawers can be sized to any custom height required up to a maximum height of 19" (483mm). Non-standard heights may require additional lead time.

Standard Heights
(Recessed Bottoms)
Dovetail Detail

Maple Grade Options

Maple Select - Wood is chosen to provide uniformity. Sapwood, light and consistent in colour with no defects.

Maple Regular - Varied tones of sapwood (cream to caramel), little to no heartwood, minimal small mineral or black streaks, small pin knots accepted.

Maple Rustic - Wood is chosen to emphasize character. Darker maple with considerable variation of heartwood and sapwood mix, black and mineral streaking accepted, sound knots ok, no splits, no cracks, no open knots.

Three grades of Maple

Flush Bottom Option

This option is available for side mount slide systems. When choosing the flush bottom option the drawer height is reduced 3/8" (10mm) from standard heights.

Flush Bottom

Standard Side Heights for a Flush Bottom Option.


Drawer Heights
(Flush Bottoms
Metric (mm)

Scoop Front Option

This option is available for internal drawers such as pantry pullout systems

Scoop Front

Dovetail Drawers for Vanities

We make dovetail drawers for bathroom vanities with a pipe cutout. The cutout is sometimes called a pipe chase. This solves clearance problems around plumbing and drains. It provides maximum storage. Our pipe cutouts are typically 6" x 6" unless otherwise requested. If you are ordering a drawer with a cutout you will need to provide a drawing showing the position of the cut out.

A custom made maple dovetail drawer with a cutout for pipe clearance for use under a sink.

Slide Mounting Options

The majority of our customers are using Blum undermount slides.

Blum Logo

We recommend Blum's 560H Series Undermount Slides with Blumotion Concealed Full-Extension. These are self close and soft close. The forward and rear mounting points have adjustment to make installation alignment much easier. We have a functional display in our showroom. We can show you how to install, adjust and remove our dovetail drawers mounted with this slide system.

The 560H slides come in the following depths:

270mm (10-5/8") - commonly called 11" slides
300mm (11-3/4") - commonly called 12" slides
350mm (13-3/4") - commonly called 14" slides
400mm (15-3/4") - commonly called 16" slides
450mm (17-3/4") - commonly called 18" slides
500mm (19-3/4") - commonly called 20" slides
550mm (21-5/8") - commonly called 22" slides

We retail these slides. Each pair of slides requires a pair of attachment clips.

Ordering Size Guidance for Blumotion Slides

These are our recommended drawer depths to order if you are using Blumotion slides with rear notching and no front notching.

Blumotion 550H2700 - order 278mm (10-15/16") deep
Blumotion 560H3000 - order 308mm (12-1/8") deep
Blumotion 560H3500 - order 358mm (14-1/16") deep
Blumotion 560H4000 - order 408mm (16-1/16") deep
Blumotion 560H4500 - order 458mm (18") deep
Blumotion 560H5000 - order 508mm (20") deep
Blumotion 560H5500 - order 558mm (22") deep

Video of Multi-ply Dovetail Drawers 18 Inches Deep

Grooving a Dovetail Drawer Side For a Bottom

Machining the groove into a solid maple dovetail drawer side to accept the drawer bottom. The caliper is used to double check the distance of the bottom of the drawer groove to the drawer bottom to ensure there is room for the under-mount drawer slide hardware. Each of the four drawer sides is grooved.

Notch and Drilling of Dovetail Drawers

Notching and drilling the back of a Eucalyptus dovetail drawer to accept Blum under mount slide hardware. Our notch and drill machine ensures a level slot and an exact hole position so the slide pin fits in perfectly every time.

What is a dovetail drawer?

Need a sample?

Walnut Fronts on Maple Box?

What is Notch and Drill?

How are Allstyle's Dovetail Drawers Finished?


Compare Quality - Not All Dovetail Drawers are Made the Same

Ask if the material is Hard Maple, Soft Maple or Birch. Hard Maple is more dense and strong.

Ask if the bottom is 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" thick. The 1/2" bottom gives substantially more strength which is critical in larger drawers.

Ask if the finish is one or two coats and if the lacquer is pre-catalyzed or post-catalyzed. Allstyle uses two coats of professional grade post-catalyzed lacquer for the toughest finish available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I will be using the Blumotion Tandem series undermount slide. How do I calculate what width of drawer to order?

A: For drawers with 5/8" sides the Blum Tandem series undermount slide needs 3/16" (5mm) clearance between the outside of the drawer and the inside of the cabinet wall on each side. Measure the inside opening of the cabinet and subtract 3/8" (10mm) to determine the correct drawer width.
For birch multiply drawers with 1/2" sides the Blum Tandem series undermount slide needs 5/16" clearance on each side. Measure the inside opening of the cabinet and subtract 5/8" (16mm) to determine the correct drawer width. The 1/2" sides also require a 1/8" reduction in depth vs. a drawer made with 5/8" sides if the drawer is notched in the back and not notched in the front.

Q: Are the drawer bottoms glued in place?

A: Yes, the drawer bottoms are inset into a groove. The bottom is secured with both staples and glue. The bottom will not slip and is very sturdy. Because we use a 1/2" bottom it will not belly or bow and does not require any further reinforcement.

Q: Can you put our logo on our drawer order?

A: Yes we can! In order for us to burn your logo we need the artwork of your company logo, ideally in the form of a vector file such as *.ai or *svg. We can use a *.PDF or *.jpg file but there is extra work (extra charge) to convert it. It takes about two weeks to transfer your logo onto a solid brass head that we can use in our branding iron. There is a one time charge for the branding head. We will logo your drawers at no additional charge there after.