Instructional Videos

We think that a web site should be about information and communication. We offer so many door styles, options and products that we are trying to figure out the best way to provide you with the information that you are looking for.

We have set out developing short instructional videos that we hope will help you better understand what we do. Or at least answer some questions you may have.

Our challenge is that we have a huge amount of capability. You are only seeing a fraction of what we do. Hopefully, over time, we will be able to develop a useful video reference library that you can return to anytime, from anywhere.

If you have any requests, or suggestions, for a product video or a demonstration please contact us using our online request form.

Take a Two Minute Virtual Plant Tour

What is the difference between solid wood and MDF cabinet doors?

To learn even more about solid wood vs mdf for painted doors click here.


How do I upgrade or replace my IKEA drawers with wood dovetail drawers?

What is a Dovetail Drawer?

What is Notch and Drill?

How are Allstyle's Dovetail Drawers Finished?


If you have a suggestion for a video please request using our online request form, or just tell us what you think.

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